Roof Water Damage

Has your home been hammered by the weather and suffered water damage?

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

What may seem like a minor roofing problem can soon escalate into a huge and expensive roofing drama.

Maybe you have noticed that a slate has moved or dislodged on your roof, or perhaps the rain is finding a way into your attic space or your roofing felt now has a tear.

If you do not deal with this issue fast, it can quickly develop into a much larger issue. once damage has started to happen to your roof it will spread quickly as the weather takes hold.

It may seem like a problem that can be left for another day but dealing with a roof repair fast and immediately  will save you a fortune in the long run.

A small hole in the roof will allow water to get into your attic space, your roof is supported by a wooden structure, and this will start to rot and weaken fast and if left without treatment can lead to an entire roof rotting from the inside and the entire structure needing to be replaced.

At The Roofing Company, we recommend that you call us as soon as you spot an issue with your roof so that we can come and assess it for you.

If we can deal with an issue early, then generally it will be simple, easy and affordable.

Roofing Repair Service

Our roofing repair service covers just about any issue that you can think of that may affect your roofing system. Whether it is a structural fault or a fault with the materials and products that have been used.

Our roofing experts have the skills, knowledge and state of the art equipment to provide the highest standards of work.

We take care of both residential and commercial clients and there is not a roofing job that our team cannot handle.

Whatever type of roof or property you have that is having the issue with its roof, make sure that we are the experts you call first. We will visit your property and give you the advice you need to make a sound decision about how to proceed with the roof issue you have.

Pay Now or Pay Later?

As professional roofers we cannot express the importance of being proactive in taking care of your roof. 

Regular Maintenance will nearly always avoid the need for expensive repairs later down the line.

For commercial businesses it may seem a smart move to avoid a short term cost by not having your roof checked or maintained on a regular basis but a repair to a large roof that has not been noticed early can leads to a cost in the tens of thousands.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Roofing Company offers ongoing roofing maintenance contracts to commercial and industrial clients all over North London. 

Our maintenance programs will work to your needs and budget and we will work closely with you to ensure that your property is taken care off and maintained properly.

We will inspect your roof membrane and roof surface conditions and ensure that the roof is water tight and doing exactly what it should. We also inspect and check all the roof flashing’s.

When our team visits your property for the first time we may discuss this option with you. 

Contact The Roofing Company today to book in for a free roofing inspection and quote.

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