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Tiled, Slate, Flat and Felt Roof Installations By Enfield’s Roofing Professionals.

Roof Installations

The Roofing Company provide all types and styles of Roof Installations in and around Enfield in North London.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers and over 10 years of roofing and cladding experience serving our communities and local businesses and home owners.

We get recommended by our clients because of the great roofing services that we provide for all of our clients. 

If you have any questions for us or if you would like an estimate on the roof installation or any other roofing work that you need you can contact Enfield’s leading roofing contractor by calling us direct on 0203 3057924 or fill in our Free Roofing Estimate Form.

Experienced Roofing Contractors

We are passionate about the roofing services that we provide to our clients and always ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the roofing work they receive for their property.

Using the latest roofing technology and roof installation techniques to make sure that the service you pay for, whether it is roof installation, roofing repair and maintenance or other related work, it will last for years to come.

Regardless of the roofing materials and type that you need for your property, The Roofing Company will deliver your roofing project on time and to the budget you have set. 

We are focused on customer satisfaction, high quality workmanship and dedication to our trade. Whether you are a home owner, a business owner or property developer we work hard to meet and exceed our clients expectations, every time.

Types of Roofing Installation

About Our Roof Installation Services and the materials that we use.

Tiled Roof Installations

Having a tiled roof installation is still the most popular roofing choice and a common sight on plenty of homes. The Roofing Company regularly carry out tiled roof installations for our clients in Enfield and North London using our skilled and experienced roofers and workforce.

There are a huge range of roofing tiles and styles available to choose from, there is an almost unlimited variety of style, size and colour options you can choose from to get the appearance you want at a cost that is right for your budget.

More About Our Tiled Roofing, Maintenance, Repairs and Cleaning.

Tiled Roofing
Slate Roofing

Slate Roof Installation

Slate roof installations are a great look and will set off any type of building. Best of all it can be modern or traditional in appearance. You will see it on homes and historic buildings throughout the UK.

Even though a slate roof installation may be one of the more premium roofing system, whether you choose natural or synthetic Slate, your roof will be durable and need very little maintenance – with the potential to last a lifetime.

More About Our Slate Roofing, Maintenance, Repairs and Cleaning.

Felt Roof Installation

The installation of a felt roof is a very cost effective roofing solution and flat roof system, offering great value for money due to the reliability and durability of the felt material used it will give you many years of wear. A good quality felt roof should last for over 10 years without any issues.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications of any size. Using high quality felt roofing materials that are available from top manufacturers lets us get the best return on your investment.

More About Our Felt Roofing, Maintenance, Repairs and Cleaning.

Flat Roofing, Installation and Repairs

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