Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs, Installation, and Maintenance By Roofing Professionals.

Gutter Repairs

There is nothing more annoying than sitting at home on a rainy day listening to the constant “drip” of water coming from your guttering.

Generally, the cause of this constant dripping is usually due to defective or blocked guttering. If you do not get this checked or repaired, this simple issue can lead to much more expensive and serious guttering issues and problems.

Guttering usually becomes blocked when the moss or algae that generally grows on your roof is washed off during heavy rainfall and ends up in the gutter. If enough moss builds up in your guttering it will cause blockages, this will usually at the corners of your roof.

When the sun comes out, wind-blown seeds land in your gutter and the result is that weeds will begin to grow within the guttering itself, the next time that it rains the seeds grow and the eventually your gutters and guttering system become overwhelmed and you need to clear the issue.

This not only causes damage to your guttering but will also start to damage to the fascia boards, the soffits and the roofing structure itself.

Because of the height involved when workign on roofing or repairing your gutters this is not a do-it-yourself job and therefore it is a job for roofing and guttering professionals.

Get in touch today on 0203 3057924 with The Roofing Company and we will inspect and clear your guttering system for you, we will also check the general condition of your roof and guttering in case you require any other repairs.

If you leave work like this too long, the cost involved will increase as the damage caused gets worse and the problem literally continues to grow.

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