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As your local Felt Roofing Contractors, our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Felt Roofing Contractors

The Roofing Company is an Enfield based Felt Roofing and Flat Roofing specialists with a business built upon personal recommendations and great reviews.

Following the evolution of flat roofing systems from hot melt felt, single-ply systems and hot-to-touch safe felt systems.

All of our felt roof and flat roof installers are fully trained and experienced.

Fully insured and trained to the highest standards, our felt roof repairs are just one aspect of our roofing specialisations, we ensure that our standards of workmanship and felt roofing systems are maintained to the highest levels to maximise today’s modern technology and to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction with any roof work that we complete.

Reliable Services, Quality Workmanship and Insurance Backed Guarantee

The Roofing Company has been installing and repairing felt roofs that are cost-effective for over 20 years across Enfield and we have achieved a great reputation and maintained 5-star customer satisfaction with all our roofing services and products. We are the experts you need for your roof repairs.

Specialist Roofing Services

Single Ply Flat Roofing

Specialising in residential and domestic flat roof systems and roof repairs, we also provide advice to our customers and ensure that we always provide great services and high-quality repairs. If you have a particular type or style of property, our flat roofing refurbishment works apply to existing buildings, recovering old felt, and single-ply roofing structures to prolong the life of these buildings.

Is Felt Roofing Any Good?

Felt and flat roofing systems are a popular choice and can mostly be found in shed and garage roofs. It is important to understand what the intended use is to determine if it’s the right one for your home or not.

How Is A Felt Roof Installed?

Previously, hot bitumen was used to install felt roof systems. This process was time-consuming and wasn’t really an effective way of installing as it didn’t last particularly long.

The alternative and more modern technique of installing a felt roof is to use a torch-on felt. This is applied in sheets using a blow torch to make one side sticky and layer it on. There are many key benefits of torch-felt roofing compared to the traditional method.

They are easy to apply, more durable, lightweight and inexpensive too. As such has become a popular choice among many homeowners.

Felt Flat Roof

Benefits Of Installing Felt Roofing


Felts are very versatile and can fit into most roofing structures regardless of their size and shape. You could also source them in various colours that match the environment and property style.


The felt membranes are lightweight and can easily fit into a range of roofing structures from smaller, weaker ones such as garages and sheds right through to more robust buildings.


Compared to other roofing membranes such as asphalt, rubber, fiberglass and PVC, felt and flat roofs are cheaper to install, maintain and also repair should they get damaged.

Easily repairable:

If your felt roof should get damaged, it can be repaired or patched quite easily and cheaply.

Drawbacks Of Felt Roofing


One of the drawbacks of felt roofing is that requires constant maintenance. Else, it could lead to splitting, UV damage and cracking. It is therefore important that you seek professional help from certified roofers to continuously maintain your felt roof.

Weather damage:

Felts are comparatively more prone to damages caused by extreme weather conditions. For instance, it can also warp out in hot temperatures and brittle during winter.

Repaired felts look untidy:

Though damage to felt is easily repairable, if not done right, the patches can look shabby and unneat. This could however be handled well by professional roofers who have experience in patching them up without affecting the look of it.

Specialist roofing services

Are Felt Roofs Any Good?

Overall, felt roofing can be a good option for flat-roofed buildings in a range of sectors including residential and commercial roofing projects. It is waterproof, weatherproof and very cheap to install, replace as well as repair.

There are also a number of different methods of installing felt. Depending on your use case, the choice between them can vary.

The best option is to contact the roofing specialists at The Roofing Company Enfield on 0203 3057924,  where we can discuss the best options for your home and property and provide you with a free quote for your job and discuss the quality that you require, the materials that you need.

Our very reliable service has gained us over 200 5 star reviews across Google, Facebook, Checkatrade, Bark and Yell.

We provide all our customers with a guarantee for all our roofing repairs because we know we provide a quality job every time, which is why we get recommended so often. if you have any questions about your job, repairs or installation do not hesitate to call today.

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