Emergency Flat Roof Repair

Is your flat roof leaking? Do you need an Emergency Flat Roof Repair fast? The Roofing Company Enfield will be with you as soon as possible to fix it.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair

If you have a flat roof and it becomes damaged in any way, a leak in your flat roof is an issue that needs to be repaired fast before even more damage is caused.

If the repair work isn’t carried out urgently, it can lead to more and more damage as the water soaks through to the rest of the roof structure because water is getting into areas it shouldn’t be, this can then impact the structural integrity of your flat roof and it will need to be replaced completely.

Water can be very unforgiving and when certain areas within the structure of your home start to collect water, it can cause considerable damage.

Saturated brickwork can cause internal damp issues and structural timbers can become weakened, so when you get a flat roof with a leak, you need to get someone to check and repair it fast whilst the repair work is at its most affordable. 

Do you suspect damage to your flat roof?

The design of some flat roofs means that damage and leaks are not just caused by damage, if the roof has not been constructed properly, pooling and ponding will happen because the flat roof does not allow rainwater to drain off it as it should.

The amount of water on the roof will place excessive amounts of stress on the seals and joints in your flat roof and over time causes the integrity of your roof to weaken and eventually fail.

The larger the pooling area, the bigger the issue and when your roof finally leaks, it can become a major issue, fast.

Flat Roof Repair Experts

Whether your flat roof is covered in asphalt, felt, lead, EPDM, fibreglass or single-ply membranes, our team has the knowledge, skill and tools to get it fixed quickly and effectively. 

After assessing your emergency flat roof repair, our team will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective repair method.

Local and Trusted Flat Roofers 

If you need an emergency flat roof repair or you’re experiencing significant pooling or symptoms of a damaged flat roof, call The Roofing Company on 0203 3057924 today for your no-obligation quote to repair your flat roof. 

Emergency Roof Repair Services

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