Chimney Pointing Repair

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Chimney Pointing Repair

For a chimney stack to remain in good condition, it needs to be fully waterproof, however, when the pointing (the mortar between the bricks) has deteriorated, its waterproof protection becomes compromised. This means that rain, water and dampness will get inside the chimney stack and this can lead to further damage that requires more work to be carried out, including having the entire chimney removed or replaced.

Our team can get any chimney issues, including chimney pointing repair, fixed fast and affordably. 

The Harsh Enfield weather

Our local weather can be brutal and your chimney stack is something that takes a lot of punishment. High winds, heat and frost all take their toll on your chimney.

This ‘freeze and thaw’ pattern will damage your chimney’s pointing over time and getting any issues fixed early on will save you from more expensive future chimney and roofing work.

Signs that your chimney pointing needs replacing include:

  • Water staining on your ceiling
  • Discolouration on your chimney breast
  • Dampness anywhere in the home
  • Cracks in your chimney pot or mortar outside
  • Your chimney stack is leaning (not vertical)

Re-pointing your chimney is a great way to freshen up the look of your home, it also improves the efficiency of the fire and heating systems. 

Contact your local chimney pointing repair professionals

As your chimney deteriorates over time, it may even affect your safety as the chimney pointing cracks and falls away. If you are in any doubt about your chimney or just need peace of mind to know it is in good order, contact your local, friendly team of roof and chimney repair experts today.

All of our Chimney Repairs are guaranteed and the members of our team have years of experience and knowledge in installing and repairing chimneys across Enfield and the surrounding areas.

Even if you just have questions at this time please feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with the information and help that you need.


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