Chimney Flaunching Repair & Replacement

Chimney Flaunching Repairs and Maintenance By Enfield Roofing Professionals.

Chimney Flaunching Repair & Replacement

Also known as ‘benching’, chimney flaunching is a term that refers to the strong mortar mix that holds your chimney pots in place. The flaunching on your chimney provides a tough waterproof barrier to keep the interior of your chimney and your home dry.

A chimney stack is only as strong as its weakest point and when your flaunching becomes cracked, water can get in and when that happens, it can lead to much more serious damage to your chimney’s brickwork and structure causing potential leaks down the chimney flue. 

The Roofing Company has a team of chimney experts who will take care of all your chimney repair and replacement needs.

We have many years of roofing and chimney repair knowledge that allows us to take care of any chimney issues you may be facing, including the repair and maintenance of your chimney flaunching.

Contact your local chimney repairs team today

If your chimney is showing signs of damage and disrepair, you need to contact a local roofing company that can get the work completed fast and efficiently, causing as little disruption to you as possible.

All of our Chimney Repairs are guaranteed and the members of our team have years of experience and knowledge in installing, repairing and maintaining chimneys across Enfield and North London.

Even if you just have questions at this time please feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with the information and help that you need.

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