Chimney Cowl Repair

Chimney Cowl Repair and Maintenance With The Roofing Company, Enfield.

Chimney Cowl Repair

A chimney cowl is an important part of your chimney stack, as it keeps the elements and wildlife out and prevents damaging blockages and water damage from occurring.

When your chimney cowl is intact and doing its job, there is no problem, as nothing can get in, including downdrafts caused by the outside weather.

However, if your chimney cowl gets broken, the protection it provides also disappears and local birds will start thinking that it is a great place to set up their nest.

If a bird does next in your chimney, it makes it difficult for smoke and carbon dioxide from your fire to escape your home, subsequently, it will not leave your home through the chimney but will return and enter your living room (or wherever the fire is). As well as being unpleasant, it is very dangerous and a potential killer.

Your Local Chimney and Roofing Experts are on call

The Roofing Company, Enfield has years of experience repairing roofs and chimneys across Enfield and the surrounding areas. 

If you suspect that you have a broken or deteriorated chimney cowl, you need to replace or repair it as soon as possible, when you contact us, we will have a team out to you as soon as possible to check the chimney cowl and fix a time for the repair, we will also check the rest of your chimney and roof and advise you of any potential future issues.

If your chimney is unprotected because of a broken cowl or you feel that there is an issue with your chimney in any way, give The Roofing Company a call and we will get your roof or chimney fixed with a minimum of disruption.

We are highly recommended by our previous clients and you will find positive five-star reviews elsewhere on the internet.

When you work with Enfield’s premier roofing company you will not find any hidden costs, only the best materials used and work that is completed to the highest standard on time, every time.

All of our Chimney Services are guaranteed and the members of our team have years of experience and knowledge in installing and repairing chimneys across Enfield and the surrounding areas.

Even if you just have questions at this time please feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with the information and help that you need.

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