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Chimney Caps Repair and Maintenance With The Roofing Company, Enfield.

Chimney Caps

Your chimney’s cap may only seem like a peripheral part of your chimney stack, but it performs an important role. Generally created from clay or metal, your chimney cap sits over the top of your chimney pot, keeping the rain and the weather out. This includes rainwater, leaves, birds, insects or other animals, the chimney cap is the barrier that protects your chimney and your home.

The chimney cap is normally the highest part of your home, for safety reasons, this is the reason you need a professional roofer to complete the damage checks and repairs. 

The chimney cap on your property also prevents downdrafts that often happen when changes in pressure happen outside your home or if a fire is lit inside. This can lead to dangerous smoke containing carbon monoxide being blown back into your house and putting you and your family’s health at risk.

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As well as having the right equipment for the job and being trained in the safety aspects of reaching the highest part of your home, The Roofing Company guarantees all of our work so that you know the work is completed to the highest standard possible.

Contact your local roofing company for a no-obligation check

If you are experiencing any issues that you feel are caused by damage or disrepair to your chimney, give us a call so that our team can complete a check. It may be a very simple solution, such as your chimney having a broken or missing chimney cap.

We have a hard-earned reputation as the best roofing and chimney repair company in Enfield and the surrounding areas.

We are highly recommended by our previous clients and you will find positive five-star reviews elsewhere on the internet.

When you work with Enfield’s premier roofing company you will not find any hidden costs, only the best materials used and work that is completed to the highest standard on time, every time.

All of our Chimney Services are guaranteed and the members of our team have years of experience and knowledge in installing and repairing chimneys across Enfield and the surrounding areas.

Even if you just have questions at this time please feel free to get in touch and we will provide you with the information and help that you need.

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